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Protection for your Family and your Assets

Keep your family and your assets protected, Coopertus offers a wide range of insurance options for you and your family, your home or apartment, as well as your car, boats, and planes. 

Coopertus adequately advises your health risks, because we offer the best insurance options for major medical expenses, accidents, traveler’s insurance, among others. 

In the same way, we make available to our clients the most attractive life insurance in the market, whether temporary, savings (dots) or college savings insurance for your children, what is necessary to keep your family protected at all times. 


Additionally, we protect your assets against the risk that your profession entails through professional liability coverage.

We offer protection programs in the following areas:

Auto insurance

Your personal property is of vital importance: in them lies the responsibility of moving you to work or with your clients; Also, your car plays the important task of taking your children to school or even a loved one to the hospital. With Coopertus access to the best benefits, because you can access group policies individually with all their benefits: lower premium and higher coverage.

Major medical expenses

We offer the best products on the market, at a price even below the standard price of the companies, so that you and your family will be covered for all medical expenses – surgery, analysis, medication – required in the event of an accident, including (most of the occasions) those of maternity care.

Life insurance

This product ceased to be an insurance focused on parents, because nowadays – according to INEGI – almost 30% of households are supported by female heads of family. Thus, Coopertus offers the best products on the market so that you leave protected those you most want in case of missing or disability, because this insurance covers risks that may affect the existence, integrity or health of people.

Home insurance

Protect your home, apartment or condominium, regardless of whether you are a landlord or tenant, covering it against fire, hydrometeorological phenomena, earthquake and volcanic eruption, theft, glass, damage to appliances, among others.

Traveler Insurance

Being out of your city is already a risk, so Coopertus offers a wide range of options for you to remain carefree and protected at all times on that trip of pleasure or work. With the multiple travel medical assistance services, you are protected against any illness or accident, including civil liability that you could cause.

Professional Responsibility

The professions nowadays are more demanding than ever. Doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers, notaries, appraisers, accountants and many other professionals are exposed to the great risks involved in the human factor in any operation. Coopertus puts at hand a variety of options to hire insurance that really protects the risks inherent to the activity of each activity in particular, as well as the expenses of the legal defense of the case and the payment of any compensation that may arise.


Protect as you should your aircraft – both fixed wing and rotary – and its crew, because it enjoys our access to the most competitive rates in the market. Also covering the civil liability that could be caused by the activity of the latter, such as surface damage, civil liability in hangars, or with contractors at the airport.

Small boats

Do not leave unprotected your boat, yacht or sailboat of pleasure before the imminent dangers of the seas, rivers, lakes or any other navigable water, as well as fire (in float or in earth), piracy, collision against other boats or in dock , Robom regardless of whether it is for recreational, sports or leisure purposes.

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