Institutions and Government

Comprehensive Counseling in your Risk Management Needs

Coopertus clients include public or private institutions that require comprehensive advice in their risk management, contributing to the optimal performance of their functions. In the experience of the firm, stand out as clients different schools, universities, non profit associations, charity organizations and public-private associations. Likewise, Coopertus offers the service of advising, conducting and developing public and private bidding contests, without any cost, which allows obtaining the best conditions and costs offered by the market, optimizing economic resources. 

We direct or have directed the risk management of different state and municipal government agencies, as well as centralized, decentralized agencies, autonomous bodies, as well as Public Assistance.

We offer protection programs in the following areas:

Educational institutions

Regardless of whether they are public or private, Coopertus makes available an important accumulation of products destined to cover the potential risks that this activity entails; for example, liability insurance for temporary guardianship and custody of persons (for remaining inside the premises), insurance for their buildings and their contents, segubecas so that, in case of death or incapacity of the economic tutor of the student, they are insured their studies until the culmination of them; as well as the civil liability in which the employees of the institution could incur, including the costs of the legal defense.

Civil Liability for Public Servants

Protection product for high officials of the federal, state or local executive power; as well as commands of the executive and legislative powers. Coopertus offers various civil, criminal, administrative and political liability insurance for public servants so that it is protected, personally, against patrimonial damages to individuals or public entities due to the development of its function, as well as the costs of the legal defense.


Producto destinado para coleccionistas privados, museos, institutos culturales y galerías, Coopertus pone al alcance de sus clientes los mejores productos en el mercado para protección tanto del traslado como exposición de las obras de arte, que se conoce como “clavo a clavo”, que de suyo suponen un enorme riesgo de robo o daños a las mismas.

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