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Pioneers in the Technical Advisory on Risks

The economy does not stop. The industry must remain protected at all times and Coopertus is a pioneer in providing risks technical advice to the industrial, commercial and service sectors. The experience of the firm, include auto-transport sector nationally and internationally (including Incoterms advice and supply chain product coverage); along with the commercial sector where the products and services reach the final consumer. Likewise, we have extensive experience in the energy sector, agri-food and fisheries, pharmaceutical, textile, aerospace, information technology, telecommunications, construction, transfer artwork. Covering at all times, against any human or nature risk. 

Also, Coopertus offers coverage programs to your work plant (group and group insurance) where coverage is provided and administered to protect the employee’s individual risks; for example, auto insurance, home, major medical expenses, life (ordinary,  or endowment college life insurance) with the best market conditions, thus achieving a benefit or service for the employee which does not generate costs to the company promoting a decrease in staff turnover rates.

We offer protection programs for the following sectors:


Ideal for companies that handle hazardous materials or waste, this insurance covers civil and environmental liability (sudden, unforeseen, gradual and / or gradual) that cause damage arising from daily activity of the insured.


The beneficiaries of these insurance are the owners (natural persons, morals, trusts or State) of wind farms, solar farms and hydroelectric power plants. This type of policy ensures material damages and civil liability, as well as any damage to the mechanics and loss of benefits.

Gas stations

It is important that gasoline businessmen comply with the regulations on insurance that the authority requires, so that they can avoid the imposition of sanctions of an administrative nature. In addition, the activities of the service stations involve a great risk. Therefore, Coopertus offers a wide variety of products to cover the inherent risks of this activity due to the handling of flammable substances, coverage that extends to the station itself, its customers, suppliers and nearby environment; as well as the possibility of insuring the income not received in case of loss or road blockage.


Mexico is recognized as a power in the pharmaceutical industry and this, given its complexity and delicacy, is an activity that must be protected at all times. At Coopertus, in the company of our business partners, we offer our clients an important range of coverages, such as civil liability in case of medication failure, mass theft, etc.; so that pharmaceutical companies dedicate themselves to doing what they know best: research and innovate to take care of people’s health.


Important sector in the Mexican economy with great strength in the states of Tamaulipas, Puebla, Guanajuato, Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosí, among many others. Coopertus makes available to its customers of this turn, varied and interesting products. Among the coverages offered, there is the payment of damages that the insured may incur to his clients in the event of a work stoppage due to a strike, fire or earthquake; including, the payment of the lost profits of the insured.


The aeronautical industry is of vital importance to the national economy. Covering the needs of aviation -both fixed wing and rotating- commercial, cargo and parcel, as well as air and government taxis, Coopertus allows its customers to access the most competitive rates in the market to cover their air fleet, as well as human beings and / or contents that they may use. Also covering civil liability that could be caused by the daily activity of this industry, such as surface damage, civil responsibility in hangars, or contractors at the airport.


Ideal for private, minor and recreational boats, Coopertus offers its customers a wide variety of products, with the best companies, so that their marine furniture is protected at all times, as the total loss, real or implicit, some particular damage, as well as civil liability towards third parties, which with its use can be generated.


A fundamental sector for the economic development not only of Mexico, but the world. The companies of this union have experienced a boom of such magnitude that their dynamics expose them to too many risks. Coopertus offers different products focused on this delicate sector, both in the field of damages (coverage of computer servers, specialized equipment, buildings and content); as well as in the field of civil liability for possible damages that may be caused, inherent to its activity.


We are a firm specialized in the needs of coverage and service required by transport entrepreneurs. We have experience in federal or local public service, including urban transport. Trucks carrying passengers, goods or dangerous materials. We have advised transporters with all types of units: tracto-truck, torton, rabón, fulles; and all types of drag: dry box, pipes, hoppers, platforms or tops. Also, we have extensive experience in fleets of utility vehicles, such as normal or executive taxis.


Covers for construction sites, construction companies, contractors or heavy machinery companies, Coopertus makes available various products intended to cover accidents, theft and civil liability as a result of construction or civil engineering work, as well as for future claims after the delivery of the play.


Perfect for the entire hotel industry (great tourism, 5 stars, all inclusive, timeshares, bussiness class and hostels and B & B) Coopertus offers a wide range of coverage that allows the hotel entrepreneur to foresee a solution to any contingency or unforeseen event, as its properties will be insured against fire, earthquake or flood, lightning or meteorological events; as well as the eventual civil liability for guest poisoning or imprudence of those.


We offer products destined for restaurants, clubs, bars, nightclubs and cafeterias, so that they are duly covered in the performance of their activities, clauses in which may include the loss of profits and business expenses as a result of evidence of food contamination , payment of rent as a result of fire; In addition, civil liability may involuntarily occur against their guests, including, the damage caused by the vallet parking.

Moving Goods

Whether they are transport companies, logistics or the owners of the merchandise itself, Coopertus offers its customers multiple products that cover all the risks derived from the transportation of goods – air, maritime, land or combined – and / or storage of the goods. products.

Civil Liability

Ideal for the manufacturers of consumer products, both material and food, sale of raw materials, manufacturing, marketing, distribution or export of products when they have caused buyers or third-party damages for manufacturing and / or manufacturing defects.


The end of the productive chain is as important as the beginning, because if it is left unprotected, it poses great risks for the national economy. Departmental and service stores are at even greater risk than all others: the risk of theft and vandalism caused by riots and protests. In the firm, we offer our clients a varied portfolio of options so that, depending on the size of the company, they adequately cover their needs.

Hospitals and Laboratories
Así como las demás empresas prestadoras de servicios de salud, Coopertus ofrece una variada gama de productos para cubrir lo riesgos de las instituciones médicas, desde posibles malas prácticas de médicos residentes, accidentes dentro del centro de salud, cuestiones administrativas, protegiendo la operación del día a día.

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